Over the years AKG Management Inc. has been awarded a multitude of different contracts and projects. This list highlights the wide range of clients we have served and projects we have delivered.

Project Description
Donald Mix Use Development A Construction Management contract to demolish an existing building and construct a Medical Clinic, a Pharmacy and two high end apartment units.
McNally | Gervan LLP Office Renovations - Phase I & II A Construction Management contract to convert an old run down heritage home in Ottawa into a modern office building.
Laurier Optical – Innes Road A fixed cost contract where new electrical and mechanical systems, partitions, ceiling system, carpet and millwork were installed to accommodate the new showroom and office.
Renovations to the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia Established a work program as the Construction Manager to renovate the embassy building which was designated/labelled as heritage building by the City of Ottawa.
Parliament Hill Centre Block Committee Room 172E A fixed cost contract which included millwork, replacing carpets and acoustic panels, modifying lighting, fire protection, HVAC and electrical systems.
Defence Construction Canada, Shirley’s Bay Site A fixed cost contract which involved retrofitting an existing space for a new lab.
Victoria Building 3rd and 5th Floor Fit Up A fixed cost contract which involved selective demolition, new finishes including partitions, carpet, millwork, solid oak frames, baseboards, doors and updated mechanical and electrical systems.
Fire Stopping Implementation PA Storage A fixed cost contract which involved upgrading the fire separation of the building by applying fire stopping materials, providing fire-rated drywall assemblies, and installing masonry and additional fire dampers.
Media/Video Room for Industry Canada A fixed cost project to construct a Video Media Room for Industry Canada.
Canadian Conservation Instititue – Repairs to Spray Exhaust Booth and Roof Enclosures A fixed cost contract carried out in three phases. This project involved demolishing 32 roof enclosures and rebuilding them to accommodate a new spray booth exhaust system, replacing mechanical system and reworking the electrical.
RCMP Technical & Protective Operation Facilities Lighting and Security Upgrades Upgraded TPOF lighting and security system cameras in parking areas.