Land Development

Land development involves land, property, or real estate and is the process of transforming a vision into actuality. Development activities can include site-selection, economic feasibility studies, risk analysis, financing, permissions, and construction.

AKG Management Inc. has developed a specialized expertise in residential development projects through years of experience with small, medium and high-rise buildings. Our extensive understanding of construction processes allows us to accurately assess the development’s feasibility and see it through if appropriate. Our success in development is apparent through several development projects for student residences and upscale condominiums in the Ottawa region. We have been involved with land development projects which amount to a value of over $100M.

In a Development project, we;

  • Understand the developer’s goals/requirements and ensure it is defined in project scope
  • Bring leadership and cohesion to all stakeholders
  • Assist in site-selection
  • Assess economic feasibility and risk analysis
  • Team up with planners to obtain appropriate city approvals
  • Select design consultants and assemble construction team