Project Management

Project management is the art of developing, executing, and overseeing of a project from inception to completion. Project management begins with the initial planning and terminates with building occupancy. It is critical that a smooth-running project balances the constraints of a project schedule and budget while meeting the project scope and maintaining the quality of work.

AKG Management Inc. is well-versed in project management and has been involved in a wide range of projects. Our years of experience and knowledge in building processes allow us to efficiently deliver professional management services for institutional and residential development projects.

In a Project Management project, we;

  • Understand client’s goals/requirements and ensure it is defined in project scope
  • Bring leadership and cohesion to all stakeholders
  • Assemble a team of qualified professionals for project needs
  • Schedule project phases and develop a feasible project timeline
  • Develop project cost estimates, track budget and implement cost controls
  • Keep the owner fully informed of budget and timeline status